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Identity Theft – Protect your Cards

FEBRUARY 6, 2019 The world is constantly getting more complex, more digital, and clearly more dangerous.  There has been a nearly meteoric rise in identity theft.  While TUMCU has put into place many safeguards to protect your identity, most identity theft occurs due to personal negligence.  Here are some safeguards regarding your credit and debit […]

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Helping Out When and Where You Can

JANUARY 30, 2019 Lots of people need a lot of help – the homeless, the sick, the disabled, the poor, veterans, elderly, children, the incarcerated, healthcare workers, migrants, crime victims, etc, etc, etc.  The list is, of course, quite endless.  It’s often just too overwhelming.  As Christians, we would like to help everyone, all the […]

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Welcome to our New Website!

DECEMBER 20, 2018 Welcome to the new website of The United Methodist Credit Union!  By the way, we call the credit union TUMCU for short (pronounced tum-coo), and you’re more than welcome to call us that, too. Many of our members don’t realize it, but TUMCU was one of the early pioneers in the digital […]

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