Support United Methodists with a VISA Rewards credit card! Just like other cards, using your card will earn one point for every dollar spent. You can donate those points to Methodist organizations such as UMFS or UMCOR, or you can donate them directly to your own church! You can also use those points for yourself through UChooseRewards, which is an online catalog full of merchandise, travel and entertainment tickets, and much more.

TUMCU VISA credit card rates range from 9.99% – 13.99%.* There’s also:

  • No annual fees
  • a 25 day grace period
  • no transaction fees for cash advances or balance transfers

There are some bad things though, but only if you let them happen!

  • Late fee is 5% of the payment amount due
  • Card/PIN replacement fee is $15
  • Insufficient funds fee is $25.

To report a lost or stolen credit card, call 1-866-454-6216.
To report a lost or stolen debit card, call 1-800-472-3272.

*Interest rates for less creditworthy applicants will be determined on a case-by-case basis.