We’ve been serving as a financial partner in ministry with our conference churches for years and can assist with a wide range of financial services. We’ve financed everything from church vehicles to parsonages to renovations to building expansions. We also offer unique savings options and welcome the opportunity to help your church grow those ministry funds.

Church Loans

TUMCU member churches can get loans for many different purposes, such as: vans or buses, renovations or repairs to the church or parsonage, HVA replacement, parking lot pavements, etc.

Credit Cards

Simplify your church or organization’s finances and easily manage purchases, track expenditures and minimize paperwork with our Business VISA®. The account can be set up for multiple users and our cards feature the cross and flame logo along with your church or organization’s name.

Church Reserve Account

The church reserve account provides an effective tool for growing cash reserves without the restrictions of certificates.

Checking Account

Our church checking accounts provide many benefits such as: no monthly service charge, no minimum balance requirement, free incoming and outgoing wire transfers, and much more.

Stewardship Assistance

Rev. Burt Brooks provides pastors with resources and expertise in areas such as: stewardship ministry assessments, identification and assessment of stewardship resources, sermon and worship design, and coaching with pastors and church leaders. His services carry no extra cost, and he can direct churches to the many services that the credit union can provide such as church financing, project loans, insured savings accounts, and much more.

Saving Certificates

Certificates of deposit provide safety of principal and higher earnings than what is traditionally paid on savings or Money Market accounts.

Jubilee Assistance Fund

The Jubilee Assistance Fund was established as a sensible alternative to predatory lending. It is a collaborative loan program where a local church establishes an account at the The United Methodist Credit Union to provide collateralized, small, short term loans with very low interest rates for their church members who would not qualify for loans otherwise.

Grants For Youth Groups

Our Grants For Youth Group Program is designed to assist United Methodist youth groups achieve their fundraising goals for a mission trip or special project. Each quarter, we award a grant of up to $500 to a UMC youth group within the conferences we serve.