SnapLoan is our student lending program that we offer to member-students to help achieve their educational aspirations. We offer a great rate of 5.95% APR and a discounted rate of 5.45% APR for students attending a United Methodist school or university. SnapLoans operate like a line of credit rather than a traditional personal loan – you request an upfront amount over the projected course of your education (up to $40,000), and you can draw from that line of credit each year to fill in the ‘funding gap’ after all other funds have been used.

Click on the corresponding button below to either apply for a new SnapLoan (must be a TUMCU member first) or to disburse more funds if you already have a SnapLoan.


SnapLoan Details

Check out this page for a step by step instruction for receiving a SnapLoan. You’ll also find more detailed answers to specific questions you may have. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, give us a call at (804) 672-0200, or send us an email at

United Methodist Universities

Not sure if the school you are attending is United Methodist affiliated? Check out this up to date list of universities within our geographic footprint that are affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Attending one of these schools will also qualify you for membership with TUMCU if you are not a current member.

The ‘Funding Gap’ Explained

The ‘funding gap’ is the extra amount of money you will need after all scholarships, grants, federally subsidized loans, savings, etc. have been used. These funds can also be used on multiple things, not just tuition. You can use these funds for books, room & board, a new laptop/computer, travel costs, food, or anything else that you may need for the purpose of attending college. Follow the link above for a mathematical example of what the ‘funding gap’ looks like.