Our credit union was established by pastors for the benefit of pastors. In the 1950’s, being an itinerant pastor was a cornerstone of the Wesleyan tradition, but it made it very hard for pastors to get good credit.  Most pastors moved frequently, had modest incomes, and usually didn’t own homes – not a good combination for getting a loan.  Many conferences started credit unions to address this need. Today, while these credit unions also serve laity, churches, and related organizations, the core of our membership remains ordained clergy. We understand the needs of pastors, and we can be responsive in a way no other financial institution can.  Often, we can get credit for pastors that can’t be found elsewhere.  And if even if credit can be found, a pastor often faces higher interest rates and fees – but not here. The United Methodist Credit Union was created for pastors.  We help pastors every day – let us help you.

Stewardship Assistance

Rev. Burt Brooks provides pastors with resources and expertise in areas such as: stewardship ministry assessments, identification and assessment of stewardship resources, sermon and worship design, and coaching with pastors and church leaders. His services carry no extra cost, and he can direct churches to the many services that the credit union can provide such as church financing, project loans, insured savings accounts, and much more.

Jubilee Assistance Fund

The Jubilee Assistance Fund was established as a sensible alternative to predatory lending. It is a collaborative loan program where a local church establishes an account at the The United Methodist Credit Union to provide collateralized, small, short term loans with very low interest rates for their church members who would not qualify for loans otherwise.

Secure Checking

Our checking accounts offer a variety of benefits including discounts, cell phone protection, identity theft protection, and much more.

Credit Cards

Support United Methodists with a VISA Rewards credit card! When using your card, you will earn one point for every dollar spent. You can donate those points to Methodist organizations such as UMFS or UMCOR, or you can donate them directly to your own church! You can also use those points for yourself through UChooseRewards, which is an online catalog full of merchandise, travel and entertainment tickets, and much more.

Wire Transfers