Wire Transfers

To send a wire to the The United Methodist Credit Union you will need to give the sending financial institution the following information:

1. The wire (domestic or foreign), should be sent to:
ABA/Routing # 244084264
Address: 8700 Orion Place, Columbus, OH 43240

2. With further credit to:
The United Methodist CU, # 251082673 ABA/Routing number.
Address: 7305 Boulder View Lane, Richmond, VA 23225

3. And final credit to:
Your member number (3-5 digits)
Your account type (savings or checking)
Your name

Note for international / foreign wires: You will NOT need any additional information other than what’s above. All the wiring instructions are the same (No ‘IBAN’ or ‘SWIFT’ number is needed for incoming wires).