Remote/Mobile Deposit Checks

Depositing your checks has never been easier with our Remote Deposit Feature within our app.
When submitting a check for mobile deposit, please include the following information in your endorsement:

  1. Your Signature
  2. Write “TUMCU” and insert your – Member/Account Number
  3. Write “For Mobile Deposit Only”

Find an ATM or Branch

Even though we only have one traditional “branch,” we are apart of a shared network of branches that you can use just as if you were walking through our doors. Thanks to the ATM/Branches locator within the app, you can simply enter your zip code, and you will be directed to the nearest ATM or branch to you.

Check Accounts & Make Payments

You can check your balances of your savings and checking accounts, transfer money from one account to the other, and even make loan payments on your VISA credit card or other loans that you may have through us.

Download the TUMCU app on the Apple Store or Google Play.