Loan Application

Loan Application  (Complete, print, sign and return) (Do not use this application for home equity loans)

The Loanliner application is a two page application and should be completed in its entirety by you (and/or joint applicant/guarantor).
• Be sure to indicate the type of credit you are applying for at the top of the application.
• We also require verification of income for all applicants. When returning your application, please submit a recent paycheck stub, or a recent copy of your income tax return.

If you are applying for a vehicle loan, please remember to submit a copy of the buyer’s order which shows the purchase price of the vehicle (this can be faxed to the Credit Union at 804-672-0444).

Additionally, please contact your Automobile Insurance Company to inform them that The United Methodist Credit Union will become the lien holder on the vehicle. Ask them to fax or send us a copy of your policy verifying this information.

TUMCU loans are subject to credit approval and based on individual’s credit score.