Special 5% Church Certificate of Deposit

Annual Percentage Yield of 5.00% for this special 8-Month Certificate.

The minimum per church for this certificate is $25,000 and the maximum is $250,000. These certificates are federally insured. Dividends compound monthly and there is a penalty for early withdrawal. There is no automatic renewal of these certificates.

Member Churches are required to open the certificate with new money. New money is defined as funds not currently on deposit with The United Methodist Credit Union.

Terms are subject to change. This is a limited time offer.

Please note: This person needs to be authorized to transfer funds between the church's financial institutions.
This email address needs to be the individual email for the contact named above, not a general email address for the church.

Incoming Transfer Information

Please provide the bank account information below to transfer the funds to your TUMCU CD. We will send you an Incoming Transfer Authorization form to electronically sign to authorize this transaction.
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