Traditional long-term care insurance can be really expensive – and if you don’t use it, you lose it. Traditional LTC also doesn’t feature cash value, a death benefit, or any way to get your money back. Many of these products have seen significant change in the past few years, from unexpected premium increases to carriers leaving the market altogether. We can quote long-term care, but we recommend a new way to plan for long-term care.

Benefits beyond Traditional LTC

This suite of whole life-based products can help you retain your independence, preserve your dignity and leave a legacy for your loved ones by offering tax-free LTC benefits, a death benefit, and the option to have your premium returned.

Long-term care is intended to provide support to those who need assistance due to severe cognitive impairment, or help completing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like eating or bathing. Our LTC care solutions can help you pay for almost any level of care, ranging from local care during the day to more specialized support including adult day care, home health care, assisted living, nursing home, and Hospice.