Christian Insurance Partners (CIP) is happy to have the opportunity to shop your auto policy and see how much you could save on your car insurance!
Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1. We will first ask for your consent to allow CIP and their affiliates to run a credit check on the primary policy holder. The consent also includes checking the driving records of each individual on the policy. This is necessary for us to get as accurate of a quote as possible. If you do not consent to these checks, please do not fill out the form.

Step 2. The form will ask for information regarding each driver with some basic demographic information and then some questions about driving history and other potential eligible discounts for students, etc. Fill out the information for each driver you plan to include on your policy.

Step 3. The last step will require you to upload the declarations page of your current auto policy. This can be in almost any electronic format (pdf, png, jpg, etc.). The declarations page will provide us with more information regarding what your policy needs to have, what it doesn’t, and other information not included in our form. Click the link below to get started!