Loans for Churches

We’ve been lending to our Conference churches for years. Churches can get these loans for new vans/buses, renovations or repairs to the church or parsonage, HVAC replacement, parking lot re-pavements, etc. Anything that your church may need, we got you covered. We also understand how involved the loan process for churches can be which is why we will help you through it every step of the way.

For loans under $50,000, fill out our simple two-page application here > CHURCH & ORGANIZATION LOAN APPLICATION

For all other loan inquiries, contact our Lending Department by email at for more information and how to apply.

Unsecured - Fixed Rate

These rates are limited to church and organizational loans less than $50,000. All larger loans are subject to internal and third party underwriting.
24 months4.75%
36 months5.25%
48 months5.75%
60 months6.25%
72 months6.75%
84 months7.25%
96 months7.75%
108 months8.25%
120 months8.75%

Church/Organizational Line of Credit

This rate is calculated by taking the Prime Rate and adding 1% (with a 5% floor). The current rate is 5.00%.

New Car/Bus/Van

For vehicles less than 4 model years old.
36 months3.45%
48 months3.65%
60 months3.75%
72 months4.45%
84 months5.75%

Used Car/Bus/Van

For vehicles from 4 to 10 model years old.
36 months4.45%
48 months4.65%
60 months4.75%
72 months5.45%