Buying insurance is a difficult and confusing task for most people. It’s also hard to find someone that you can trust to do the best thing for you and your family. TUMCU has partnered with Christian Insurance Partners, an independent insurance group that can shop dozens of insurance companies and understand the ins and outs of the insurance market. They will provide you with excellent service and will take the time to explain things in a way that makes sense for you.

Whether it is life, home, auto, or any other insurance need, Christian Insurance Partners is ready to help.

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Brian Hyde
WealthCare Representative

Christian Insurance Partners Agent

Brian Hyde has over 20 years of financial services experience, and is well versed both in the insurance and investment markets. More importantly, he and his wife own a small business, giving him a unique understanding of the demands and financial challenges facing families and small business owners today.

Personally, Brian is a graduate of William & Mary, and he was a member of the 1996 Olympic track team and the 1995 World Championships team.


Next to your home, your investment account or retirement plan is often the second biggest asset in your financial life – and so many people are affected by it well into the future. To most, investing is complicated and often scary task, often with a myriad of options, and finding that trusted resource is difficult.

TUMCU has partnered with WealthCare, a firm dedicated to true financial guidance. They are able to assess your current financial health, and determine how best to position your assets to meet your family’s life goals.

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Gary Wirwille
WealthCare Representative
Certified Financial Planner

With over 25 years of experience, Gary provides comprehensive goals-driven financial planning and investment advice. He has made it his mission to change the way individual investors and retirement plan participants approach their financial lives. Gary believes in measuring the success of his client’s financial plan through the achievement of personal life goals, rather than returns.

A graduate of Virginia Tech, Gary also earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designation in 2017.