Important Information Regarding TUMCU 0% VISA Card Offer

This offer is for all TUMCU Member cardholders and applies to all VISA credit card purchases (not cash advances), made between 10/29/2020 and 4/28/2021. Balances carried for these purchases will have an interest rate of 0% (zero percent), until 4/28/21.

Member balance transfers coming from other financial institutions to TUMCU between 10/29/20 and 4/28/21 (limited to $10,000 transferred per member), will also have an interest rate of 0% (zero percent) until 4/28/21. There will be NO FEE for a balance transfer to TUMCU.

Qualifications for participation:
  1. For Balance Transfers, you must be a member of TUMCU in good standing (a full year of membership with no delinquencies or adverse actions in the past year), and you need to be creditworthy (minimum credit score of 700). You also authorize TUMCU to request a credit report (if no recent credit report is on file).
  2. Any current balance as of 10/28/20 will continue to accrue regular interest throughout the program period.
  3. TUMCU reserves the right to stop new balance transfers at any time.
  4. Exceptions to any qualifications or program provisions can be made only by consent of TUMCU’s Credit Committee.

Once the 0% program is over (4/28/21), all remaining balances will begin to accrue interest at the rate in force for your account as of 10/28/20, or in the case of new cardholders, the stated interest rate for purchases disclosed at the time of approval and in your approval confirmation letter.