Fee Schedule

Savings Account Fees

IRA Closing                                               $30 per plan

Paper Statement Fee                               $1 per statement

Excessive Withdrawals                            After 6 automatic transfers from the savings account per month, the account will be charged  $5 per item.


Checking Account Fees

Secure Checking                                     $5 monthly

Stop Payment                                         $30

Stop Payment Consecutive Range        $50 /range

Statement Copy                                      $5 per statement

OD Protection Transfer                          $5 per occurrence



Stop Payment                                          $30

ACH Origination Change                        One change per year is free, each additional change is $5 per item


VISA Card Fees

Card Replacement                                   $15 each after 2 in calendar year


Other Service Fees

Acct Reconciliation/Research                $15 per half hour

Insufficient Funds                                  $30 per item

Return Deposited Item                          $30

Stop Payment (Single Item)                  $30

Loan Extension                                       $30 per occurrence

Wire Transfer                                         $10 (incoming domestic & international),  $20 (outgoing domestic), $50 (outgoing international) plus destination charge

Return Mail                                            $10 per statement, after second return

Close Membership Account < 1 year   $25

Standard Overnight Delivery                $35

Saturday Overnight Delivery                $50

Cashier’s Check to 3rd party                $5 per check

Counter Check                                       $1 per check

Levy, Lien, Garnishment                        $50

Record a Lien                                          $10

Dormant Account                                   $25 annually

Escheat Fee                                            $50

Gift Card fee                                          $2.50 per card

TUMCU reserves the right to charge for extraordinary services (i.e. faxes and copies)

Surcharges charged by foreign financial institutions will be paid by the member.

Popmoney:  This online person to person payment transfer service is available to members enrolled in Bill Pay and transaction fees for sending and receiving money through their service will be passed on to the member.