UPDATE: The SBA has temporarily stopped accepting PPP applications.
Check back periodically to see if the program has been re-funded.

TUMCU is proud to be part of the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program! We are trying to make this process as easy as possible for our members. If your church or organization is not yet a member of TUMCU, please click here to get information on how to join the credit union, which you can do anytime during the PPP loan application process.

You can start the application process by clicking the appropriate button below. If you have questions, there are FAQ pages for whichever category you fall into below as well.


Once everything has been submitted, TUMCU will submit all the necessary forms and documents to the SBA for processing. We will make every attempt to expedite the processing and funding of your loan – but please remember that this government-funded SBA program is likely to have changes and new processes as the program continues to develop. Please be patient as we help you navigate the process to get your church or organization the funding they need.

If you have any other questions along the way, please contact us at (804) 672-0200.

For general information about the Paycheck Protection Program, click here.